1. Hover over a word to see its translation on your language.
  2. Clicking on the word will add it to your vocabs (if this word is the first for the film new vocabulary for the will be added automaticaly).
  3. Click on dictionaries icon to see translations of the word in defferent online translators.
  1. Main subtiitles region. Here you can see current subitle and translations for its words.
  2. Previios subtiitles (additional) region. For convenience subtitles after they shown in main region will be repeated here. Just in case you had no time to look through it.
  3. Clicking on the white bar you can collapse th bootom additional region if you don't need it.
  1. Rewind subtitles.
  2. Refresh timing (set to 0:00:00).
  3. Fast forward subtitles.
  4. Decrease font size.
  5. Set default font size.
  6. Increase font size.
  7. Set time that you want to go to (hour:minute:second).
  8. Set time that you want to go to with slider.
  9. Comment on the subtitle or its words (this action will stop timing).
  10. If you don't want to stop click on this mark and you will be able to comment on the subtitle later. More about this feature in the next picture.
  1. Click on this mark to comment on subtitle later.
  2. After you clicked you will see link for the film in special "Awaiting comments" block. Clicking on it will guide you to the page where you can see all subtitles for this film that you wanted to comment later.
  3. Comment on wanted subtitle.
  4. Delete the subitle from the list refusing to comment on it.
  1. Open vocabs for this flim. Open vocab is a vocabulary that its owner allowed to see and import to other users.
  1. Click this icon to import the vocab. After importing it you will have vocabulary for this film with all words of imported one. You can than edit it as you like, add and delete words. If you already have vocab for the film, words of imported vocab will be added to existing one. You can import as many vacabs as you like vacabs for the given film.